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Some other notes: In the next post, I'll cover details on different usages of the tool and the effect of different options. importing a web or list to a different parent on the target) and I'll talk about this.Dear Friends, Sometime back I was working on few standalone SSRS reports which uses time fields from AX 2009 database like for e.g. Scan Trees(Application Context application Context) 295 Umbraco.

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Sure, we have Content Deployment and STSADM export etc., but the lowest level of granularity is a web, and if you don't want to overwrite the whole thing neither option can be used.

The only other option is to write code which uses the Content Migration API.

On container objects such as webs, there are options about whether descendent objects should be included: And that's the gist of it.

This is the first beta of the tool and I'm sure there will be issues.

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