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But our friendship stayed a genuine friendship partially because we kept our words in check and had emotional boundaries.We didn’t talk about the future, we didn’t use flirtatious lingo, we didn’t have any kind of romantic conversations, and we didn’t “define the relationship” right away (there’s a time and place for that conversation, but don’t rush it).Get noticed for who you are, not what you look like. Q: In your book, True Love Dates, you recommended a “season of friendship” before dating.We kept our conversations just as we would with any other friend: we asked questions, we got to know each other, we told funny stories, and we used our words to learn about one another.Words are powerful, so in any relationship, you have to use them wisely.You would be the kind of guy that sits in the very front row of one of my seminars or lectures…I already like you for that!

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So to make a long story short, he asked for my number to keep in touch, and then we actually kept in touch.

But the greatest benefits actually come when you keep your physical interactions in check throughout the stage of friendship.

If I’m totally honest, I remember a couple of times during our friendship stage, especially as my interest in him began to grow, where I genuinely wanted to grab his hand, or lean over and give him a big kiss. So it’s not like the desires weren’t there, it’s just that we didn’t follow through on those desires.

The next 5 months of our “long-distance friendship” consisted of phone calls, visits, texts and emails.

On the contrary, the BENEFITS of being friends first are that you get to know each other in a truly meaningful way before you commit to dating – with no strings attached.

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