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Commodity pricing of 100 watt equivalent class LED residence lighting and car headlights. A controversial but credible detection of extra-terrestrial mid-level intelligence "real soon now". A catastrophic drop in marijuana pricing, caused by the inevitable total elimination of mj federal crop subsidies and farm price supports that were cleverly and diabolically labeled as "prohibition" laws. Full width inkjet print heads for ridiculously improved speed, complexity, and ultimately, cost. Failing to realize that finding an unlimited source of free energy would be the most unimaginably heinous crime against humanity.Strong sales of ultra resolution smart tv's despite zero available content. Nanostructures dramatically improving both photovoltaics and conventional HVAC air conditioning.

The system was almost certainly subsidized or grant funded in some manner.The terabyte revolution being largely ignored, moving directly instead into the petabyte revolution. Got a curious email about someone wanting to Arduoinize my ancient Digiviewer.One thumb drive to hold all movies, or all books, or all history. Substantial medical breakthroughs, especially in the areas of cancer and diabetes, female sexuality, dentistry, and Alzheimers. Which was by far the finest medical, science fiction, rockumentary love story, comedy, racing, comic book, quantum mechanical, musical, watermelon ode, survivalist, intergalactic war documentary movie of all time. Well, firstoff, there since has been a new and improved Digiviewer, but while very few uses still exist for classic DIPS today, I don't really see the point.But my favorite of all is the tapioca pudding scene in the cross-genre classic Godzilla versus the Night Nurses. The price of utility grade solar panels finally dropping under twenty five cents per peak panel watt and eventually leading to true net energy generation, renewablility, and sustainability. Dramatic increase in popularity of hackerspaces , makerspaces, and fab labs.Thought I'd start my end of year predictions a little earlier than usual this year... A major increase in building destroying butane explosions from utterly clueless processors of herb upgrading. A resurgence in traditional electronic hacking, driven by Arduino, Raspberry Pi, C. "Free Energy" nuts and other members of the Church of the Latter Day Crackpots fiasco continuing "business as usual".

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