Whos hef dating now

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Whatever is or isn't going on between Bieber and Champion, fans shouldn't be too quick to jump to conclusions or judgments about the photos.

Bieber and Gomez are adults who can make their own decisions — and they don't have to explain themselves about who they choose to spend time with or even the status of their relationship.

Fredrik Ferrier, 28, followed in his "boi" Francis' footsteps when he rejoined the reality TV world in the autumn of 2016.

He swiftly started dating his best pal's recent fling Liv, and they did what most reality stars baulk at the very idea of - and became an official couple.

After all, the two of them do seem to keep finding their way back to each other.

Most recently, Bieber and Gomez were seen together in November, and they've been spotted together periodically in the months since then.

Just because Bieber and Champion went out without Abbey and Schwarzenegger doesn't mean they're dating.

Champion and Bieber were at a Craig David concert, so it's possible they're both just fans of the British singer and rapper.

After photos of the two of them were published, people started jumping to conclusions and leaving mean comments on Baskin's Instagram photos, as reported by .

He started dating I'm A Celeb's Georgia "Toff" Toffolo, but left her gutted when he slept with Bentley heiress Olivia behind her back.

Francis started dating actress Katy Reece, who isn't in the show and was sharing loved up pics of the pair by September 2016, shortly after.

Resident ladies' man Harry Baron claims to have been tamed by new girlfriend Melissa Tattam, who he proclaimed his love for just six short weeks after getting together.

He's previously dated Frankie, after her break-up from Jamie, and shared a bed with Liv a couple of times - although the pair were coy about what happened.

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