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But for the original designers reuniting on the show, it was an extremely emotional moment.

So yeah, I’m working with Tina Fey, who is also from Philadelphia, so we’re having a great time.”“I’m an architect and a construction manager so I am doing a great deal of work for the U. government actually on a lot of design and construction for a lot of different types of facilities like academic buildings, marine academy, a baseball field.A lot of our clients are GSA and White House and Social Security and USDA and Department of Labor.I’m doing all kinds of large scale designing and constructing.”“My life has been a whirlwind.“Sometimes I just get time with him in the morning, during that first morning feeding when it’s just one-on-one and he’s super happy and smiling and you just can’t believe that this amazing person is now in your life.It really is pretty moving.” Yip’s busy career has the family-of-three –which includes his partner — often moving in a different way, and he boasts that Gavin is already a frequent flier, taking four plane trips within weeks of his January birth.

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