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His initials spell "COW" and he is often teased because of this.He holds his position as "King of the Castle" (a self-proclaimed "Big Kahuna") very seriously; however, he is easy to admit defeat to Harriette when involved in typical marital disputes.

Although Steve is relentlessly annoying and has cost the Winslow family large amounts of time and money from his own clumsy demeanor, he has shown he's more mature than Eddie is in accepting responsibility.For example, she is often very supportive of her husband, Carl, but during his feuds with another character, she rarely takes his side.Instead, she would criticize both of them, hoping to reconcile them with each other.As a result, his character was re-written to be the best friend of Eddie Winslow (portrayed by Darius Mc Crary).Harrison eventually joined the main cast in the 1992–1993 season.

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