Van diesel dating

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When it all came to close, fans could not help but notice that Vin’s twin was actually a “hottie.”Back in 2006, Vin had reminded the media that he loved his privacy and would not put it out there like other actors did.

In fact, this may be one of the reasons he prefers his stage name Vin Diesel rather than real name Mark Sinclair.

---------------------------------------- To answer your question, no he's not single.

One (the late Paul Walker) had too much hair on him while the other was reasonably comparable to Vin.

Apparently, Vin had a fraternal twin brother who had lived a life away from the spotlight, of course until they caught up with him.

There were photos circulating the internet about the supposed twin brother and there was no resemblance at all.

We might just get a new wave of energy on the now confirmed twin brotherhood but that has to wait.

During the early days of 2015, Vin (Born Mark Sinclair) was faced with a difficult time putting up with the media that had caught up with rumor about his twin brother.

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