Validating fckeditor

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But unfortunately I want it to run the validation on the client side.

And I also know that I can write a javascript function for the Client Validation Function and hardcode client id ...

When i use Required Field Validator for Validation FCKEditor , The first time that the form gonna submit, Required Field Validator prompt (Error Message) and indicate that FCKEditor is empty ,while it isn't .

Again if you try to submit the form, It's OK and there is no problem .

[eluser]macleodjb[/eluser] I switched to a text area and discovered that it is in fact updating the resume in the database with the exception of the actual resume.

It is modifying the date_modified field but not the resume_text field.

I switched to $_POST instead of using codeigniter and it does the same thing.

I need to validate input for maximum characters into a FCKeditor textbox.

Is the solution to create a designer for the control? I can't override the Control To Validate property... Brian"Trust in the Lord and do what is good; dwell in the land and live securely.Do some server side validation for maximum characters and return an error message if entered max OR2.Truncate the entry so as not to exceed the SQL Server column size and just caption the text box. Thanks Validators Hello, I've come across the problem when I wanted to use client side validation (no matter of which type) depending on the input from a different control. A does not need to be validated (no validator associated with A).It still returns 15 when I add to that default text. Are you suggesting that I allow the form to submit, check the length serverside, and then post the values back to the form if it fails?

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