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You aren't supposed to put Welcome on your home page... Suggestions, questions and feedback are always welcome.I know this but really, I couldn't think of how better to put it. Creighton Users if you have questions you can use our "Contact the webteam" form. That said sometimes my project schedule keeps me from the manual.

t Observer shows you all TYPO3 instances with vulnarable TYPO3 core versions and vulnerable TYPO3 extensions.This site is to supplement the training that Creighton University provides for content editors. There are 3 sections to this manual - Typo3, Drupal, and Wordrpess. So sometimes the updating will not occur as fast as I'd like.It will become immediatly apparent that the Drupal and Wordpress sections don't have much in them... So if you have any immediate questions please use our "Contact the webteam" form. Or explore topics like using Typo3's Clipboard with content, pages or files Also check out Typo3's quick edit of content or page properties.If you outside of the Creighton University network, you will need to download and install our VPN to access Typo3.Once you have a site you will be given a link to the user login page.

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