Updating to service pack 3

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If either of these two commands fail for reason, please call the support center for resolution before proceeding.

Finally, with the continual introduction of new devices and hardware the boot images are growing larger.

You will want to make sure your hd5 logical volume has enough free and contiguous space to hold the boot image.

Currently the recommended allocated space to have for hd5 is 32meg.

Recommended back out methods include : mksysb restore, sysback restore, altinst_rootvg clone, and multibos.

This installation method should not be used when attempting to upgrade the version or release level of your operating system. 5300-0x to 6100-0x - do NOT use update_all 6100-0x to 7100-0x - do NOT use update_all For information on upgrading your (V)ersion or (R)elease of AIX please see this document : The back-out It is recommended to have at least one back-out method available to you in case a restore is required. Previous to 5300-07 updates are recognized by their last numerical level entry only. install Beginning with 5300-07 the 3rd number, or “Maintenance Level” number will also be included and will represent the Technology level of the fileset, followed by the “Fix Level”. install Oslevel You will also notice a change to how the operating system level reads. (Version, Release, Maintenance Level, Fix Level) This represents your operating system level and is mentioned because of the change made in the 5300-07 technology level update.V-79-10000-13305 - Backup Exec cannot back up recovery partitions that do not use drive letters.To back up the recovery partition and ensure the use of Windows Server 2012 features after a disaster recovery, assign a drive letter to it.

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