Updating non genuine xp Srilanka live cam

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Hello, Im in a trouble, so im hoping that you will help me.I had a genuine windows 7 for a laptop a while ago, then i sent the laptop to my parents in a different country.So i bought a new pc, without a operating system, driven by a lack of money i downloaded the old not genuine xp. Like for example, now i cannot start safe mode, i cannot make a new partition thru cmd or partition magic cause of somekind of file is missing.

Skill Sniper 1866MHz @ 2133MHz 2x8GB Graphics Card ASUS GTX650TIB-DC2OC-2GD5, (650TI Boost) Sound Card Onboard Realtek 5-1 Monitor(s) Displays Samsung P2570HD Screen Resolution 1920x1080 Keyboard E-Z Eyes, bright yellow keys with large characters Mouse steelseries SENSEI Laser Pro Gaming PSU Corsair HX650W Case Inwin Dragon Rider Cooling Hyper 212 EVO w/two Noctua fans, push-pull, @1300 RPM Hard Drives Samsung 840 Pro 256GB SSD for OS, 500GB Seagate Constellation (Enterprise drive) for Data Internet Speed 48-51Mbs Mbs down, 11 Mbs up Xfinity Cable Antivirus Norton Internet Security 2013 Browser IE 10, Opera, Pale Moon if needed Other Info 4 case fans, LG Blu Ray-RE, ASUS DVD-RW, Mr. There was a 5 page thread on trying to downgrade from Ultimate to Win 7 Pro but I thought I should start a new thread.Other Info The above information is provided as is, and the author assumes no responsibility for issues it may cause with your sanity or fanboyism. I really didn't want to go again thru the downloading of the 14-18GB games with 300kb/s.If i buy the full not upgrade version of windows 7, it's gonna be even more expensive as it is now. can you please double check if this system is alright - licensed, verified, umm, in a good working condition? pt=UK_Computing_Software_Software_SR&hash=item3cbee05d5b ? If the Windows 7 is already running on another PC, your key will be invalidated if you try to re-use it.WIndows 7 Premium, OEM, from HP, system still under warranty. It has just recently started throwing up messages that my...No problems for a couple weeks after the upgrade, then Windows is suddenly not valid. Windows 7 Forums is an independent web site and has not been authorized, sponsored, or otherwise approved by Microsoft Corporation.

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