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firms didn’t have the money to even pay their employees….they didn’t have enough money to pay their pensioners, to pay their workers….somewhere between 40 and 50 percent, with more than one out of two children living in families below poverty.The market economy was a worse enemy for most of these people than the Communists had said it would be. In some (parts) of the former Soviet Union, the GDP, the national income, fell by over 70 percent.

They didn’t have enough money for hospitals, schools.

Russia used to have one of the good school systems in the world; the technical level of education was very high. So it just began to affect people in every dimension of their lives….

The number of people in poverty in Russia, for instance, increased from 2 percent to…

The main Allied contributions to the White cause thereafter were supplies and money, mostly from Britain….

The reason we bring up this relatively unknown bit of history is because it helps to put current events into perspective.

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