Temptation islands rossi dating anyone

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'Dr Surrey has really changed the scope of the way people perceive their ability to get pregnant under IVF,' said Smiley.

Rossi said after sex she would lift her legs up for 15 minutes, and Smiley quit wearing underwear to improve blood flow to his genitals After weeks of research, Rossi said friends recommended Beverly Hills physician Dr Mark Surrey, a leading expert in fertility, and the couple found he was a perfect fit.

The couple said they considered breaking up over their difficulty having children after going through one unsuccessful round of IVF and reversing Smiley's vasectomy to no avail.

But Rossi says she is hopeful starting her new treatment and Smiley believes the couple is 'destined' to have a baby girl.

There were some crazy old wives tales that we heard.

We were honestly willing and open to try anything.' The blonde beauty said: 'It was hard for me because I had some of my very best friends getting pregnant and a couple of them didn't even tell me because they knew how badly I wanted to have a baby'.

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