Systems engineering approach to love dating and relationships whos kelly monaco dating

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If you would like to see the longer version, with notes on several specific studies and sources, contact me.

The same principle may apply to other stigmatized relationships, such as gay and lesbian relationships.But Suzy sees her behavior as an act of trying to establish independence or control in a situation with very authoritarian parents. In this particular case, the parents impose control because (to them) Suzy seems out of control.Suzy rebels because (to her) the parents are too strict.The organization or structure, the network of relationships, and the nature of relationships within a system are relative to the purpose of the system.The interrelationships of parts qualify the joint behavior of members of a system in accordance with the purpose of the system" (B&B, p. Thus, the difference between a mound of ants and a pile of sand is that one has a purpose and works towards that purpose. Sometimes, someone (such as a counselor) has to recalibrate the system, help it to find a new set of rules for feedback because the old rules are not workingin fact, they might be creating the problem.

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