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So instead, I layered a plaid flannel underneath, rolled up the sleeves, and stepped into lip-print pumps.

I swiped on red lipstick and layered a gold chain necklace under my collar.

They're not the most natural thing for me to feel confident in.

But with a few styling tricks and a burning desire to feel comfy AF 24/7, I was prepared to take on a challenge: seven pairs of sweats, seven days to channel my inner Gigi.

I kicked off the challenge well within my comfort zone, dressed in a pair of Juicy Couture's finest velour pants.

At home, my go-to hibernation outfit is a classic Juicy tracksuit: flared pants and a matching zip-up hoodie.

), Gigi's style gave me the confidence that maybe - just maybe - I, too, could throw on sweats, head outside to the streets of New York, and look that cool.

Look If I had worn this outfit with a messy bun and Uggs, I'd look ready for a slumber party - not a bad thing, just not what I'm going for at two o'clock in the afternoon.But he’s missing the first four weeks of the season for the dumbest controversy in the history of sports.His backup, Jimmy Garoppolo, performed well in week one before getting knocked out the game in week two with an injured shoulder.Is there a limit to how fabulous you can look/feel in sweats? The minute I was dressed, I had a sudden urge to crash the nearest holiday party.I felt like I'd be the chillest one there - no need to freeze in flimsy tights, no need to deal with an uncomfortably tight dress after a platter of cookies. I completed the week-long sweats challenge and felt hella cute the whole time - never frumpy, like I feared.

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