Stages of commitment dating uncertainty

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Release your feelings of being judged by turning the tables, suggests clinical psychologist Seth Meyers in Psychology Today's "4 Rules for Surviving Dating." Use positive self-talk to remind yourself that your job is to focus on how you feel about the other person.Leave your friends and family out of the relationship at this stage, and do not allow yourself to picture a future together.Beyond making a commitment not to date others, decide what you both want the relationship to mean.You might want to spend more time together, exchange high school or college rings or make family introductions.Dating is arguably one of the most confusing, frustrating and sometimes wonderful experiences you will ever have.The process will teach you valuable lessons about yourself, the ways you relate to others and the type of relationship you truly want.

Unfortunately, most Hollywood movies show this stage of a relationship as being the peak of a relationship, so many people expect a relationship to just be like that for life, without having to go through any other stages of development.

Be honest and clear, and negotiate a relationship that works for both of you.

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You just want to be together, have sex and enjoy each other’s company.

In stage one, you don’t really care about each other’s faults.

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