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In 1964, the company began renting furniture and by the end of that decade, was making million annually.In 1982, the company went public on the NYSE under the ticker symbol: AAN In 1987, the company enters the rent to own business after acquiring Ball Stalker.Cole the back of the fridge or raider that it was not mine that had over 8 to 9 holes like knives in it and he put his head down and said he could not explain that on the back of my wall there’s nothing there would make them marks on my refrigerator so I am stuck with the fridge raider that’s almost paid for a 00 fridge or raider that I am stuck with and I’ve had each different store call me and saying oh well you’re being stuck with this there’s nothing we can do I’m saying to you I’ve got a TV from you I bought a laptop from you and I bought a fridge raider from you and I spent over 0 a month for all.I do not understand I’m a very good customer I’ve been with you for over close to 15 to 20 years I came from Oklahoma City to Mississippi and Pearl Mississippi store is the only one I am having problems with I would think that you would want people like me to keep coming to your store and pay on stuff like me but it seems like you guys do night there was an incident with Mr.In 2008, the company sold their corporate furnishings division to Berkshire Hathaway. Robinson I have been with your store for over 15 years I’m having problems with Pearl Mississippi store Mr.In 2009, the company changed their name to just Aaron’s, Inc. Cole Kevin and Mike I bought a fridge raider that cost me almost 00 I know it’s not my fridge raider because it has dents white paint on it and it is black I don’t have no white and my home I talk to Mr.Cole and I guy named Kevin and your main man and his name is Mike I bought a fridge or raider about a TV and I bought a laptop issues that I have right now is the fridge.The fridge or raider late I came out and they came out and got it it was clean top to bottom they told me they would send it out to get it fixed I found out later that my refrigerator was sitting in their store for 20 days then by my surprise and employee that worked at the store said it was not sent out it was there for 20 days mind you this fridge or raider was brand new when I finally got my suppose it in fridge or raider which I believe is not mine it dance white paint on the back of the fridge raider on the left-hand side there was over 8 to 9 holes in the back I know this is not my refrigerator I talk to Mr.

In 2014, customers claimed that Aaron’s has installed spyware on their computer rentals, sending the company hundreds of thousands of email addresses, social security numbers, passwords, even photographs from private accounts. Kevin told me they sent it out later on every employee from Pearl Mississippi store told me they never sent it out to be fixed that it was at that store for 20 days and did not tell me call Mr.

It was while working for Pfizer during the early 1950s, that Loudermilk came across a small North Carolina store that rented furniture and other merchandise.

Eager to strike out on his own, Loudermilk drew on the concept and started a rental business in 1955, borrowing 0 from Trust Company Bank, while a partner invested another 0.

Robertson I don’t want to new one I don’t wanna old one I just want the one that I left there to I want my fridge raider the one I cleaned and gave them the one I got back was nasty people put food in there and I don’t do not like for a manager to call me a liar and tell me that it is what it is basically you can do without or give me the fridge raider back and you won’t have no fridge or raider that’s a lot of money for refrigerator 1600 to let go on a 7 that I’ve been paying and I have been paying extra and I do not think that is right whatsoever that the is treating me like with no respect and I or one of the best customers if you pull up my file that I paid by payment on time I’m sure there’s other people that pay their payments on time but as for me I know for a reason I pay my payments on time I brought a laptop and asked Mr.

Cole look I locked myself out can you re-Boudet he said yes I do know it only takes two hours they had it for almost 2 days I got the laptop back it was not set right.

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