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And entirely not ruling it out…“This is Marvel’s New York”, Rosemann says of the game’s setting. You’ll feel like, this isn’t just any New York City, I’m in the Marvel universe. There will be a lot of elements that will make you feel like it’s part of a larger story.”Rosemann does go on to repeatedly iterate that Marvel doesn’t want to “put the cart before the horse”, and references how Iron-Man started as a focused, single-character movie before spinning out into the wider MCU. But then the MCU happen, so the comparison certainly doesn’t mean a ‘No’.

It’s also notable how cagey Rosemann gets when asked whether the Avengers game in production at Square-Enix will have ties to Spider-Man PS4.

The network is jointly owned by Liberty Media and Sony Pictures Entertainment, the latter of which owns "Newlywed" and "Dating." The shows were on the network's schedule when it launched as the Game Show Network in 1994.

The debut of "Password" won its Sunday night time period but posted relatively modest numbers.

Also, it will have a great deal more verticality and shiny, shiny buildings than Rockstar’s decidedly flat, western desert fable. We'd hoped we wouldn't have to wait too long, and that seems to land right in the sweet spot between 'soon enough to get legitimately hyped' and 'long enough for a healthy amount of polish'.

Yet more details are going to spill out over the course of the month, and of course we'll bring you all the most important stuff on this here very page.

Most of the current hosting candidates would bring more contemporary twists to the shows."We're trying to find unusual candidates to take these shows and reinvent them," Roberts said.

Repeats of Sony's "Newlywed Game" and "Dating Game" have a long history on GSN.

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