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But I figure if we are heading that way anyway...[1/20/2012 PM] S: go for it[1/20/2012 PM] J: I have a ridiculous attraction to/for uncut men. Just curiosity (and a glass of wine) got the best of me.[1/20/2012 PM] S: OMG I had a circumcision last year, I actually thought American girls preferred that, I actually like it, looks sexy, but it's difficult to do anything by yourself now so I need your help ;o)[1/20/2012 PM] J: No WAY! [1/20/2012 PM] S: But you're right most Brits are uncut[1/20/2012 PM] J: That's been my experience....[1/20/2012 PM] S: I can go longer and the happy ending is just as good[1/20/2012 PM] J: Win/win! And I believe you will find that I'm an anomaly among American women... So there's that ...[1/20/2012 PM] S: Well looks like we're going to be in for quite a ride : O)[1/20/2012 PM] J: Indeed. I promise to make good on them...[1/20/2012 PM] S: OK I'll be thinking of you every time[1/20/2012 PM] J: Me too...[1/20/2012 PM] S: You'll have to let me know when you go there and I'll join you virtually[1/20/2012 PM] J: Ab.

:)[1/20/2012 PM] S: I also had the snip so no babies[1/20/2012 PM] J: Ah!

Kiss me and let me taste it.[1/21/2012 AM] S: my tongue is deep inside, I'm kissing you right now[1/21/2012 AM] J: Slip that rock hard cock inside me and squeeze my tits... You're slipping in and out[1/21/2012 AM] S: We slide over and you get on top[1/21/2012 AM] J: Oh yeah...

There we go again being on that same page...[1/21/2012 AM] S: I'm licking my fingers right now and you open your legs and I bury my face between your legs[1/21/2012 AM] J: Fingers deeeep inside me... I need your mouth there...[1/21/2012 AM] S: I'm licking your clit and lapping up your love juice[1/21/2012 AM] J: Yuuuummm.

[1/20/2012 PM] S: Not really, I'm getting to know you better now, it will be even better when we do hook up[1/20/2012 PM] J: Maybe... Some people are better the LESS you know[1/20/2012 PM] S: I think you must take the opportunities when they are there[1/20/2012 PM] J: I do too. Won't make that mistake again.[1/20/2012 PM] S: don't live life with regrets[1/20/2012 PM] J: Ha! Which was why I emailed you.[1/20/2012 PM] S: I'm so glad you did[1/20/2012 PM] S: I can't wait to meet up again[1/20/2012 PM] J: What made you come out of your shell? Hmmmm.[1/20/2012 PM] S: I'm all yours[1/20/2012 PM] J: Alrighty then... [1/20/2012 PM] S: Oh yes smiling and absolutely gagging for it! Fuuuccckkk me hard.[1/21/2012 AM] S: I'm entering you now, fucking you hard[1/21/2012 AM] S: were french kissing[1/21/2012 AM] S: you're meeting me with each thrust[1/21/2012 AM] J: I can taste me in your mouth[1/21/2012 AM] J: I feel you.

And I'm thinking this won't be the only night I keep you 'up' all night. But I might save it for another night...[1/20/2012 PM] S: why wait[1/20/2012 PM] S: I have a wild imagination so you can't leave me wondering[1/20/2012 PM] J: It's INCREDIBLY personal... The thought that you might have BOTH of those things going for you renders me weak...[1/20/2012 PM] J: However, it's not a deal-breaker... Well you can give me the low down - is sex better with or without a foreskin? Helping.[1/20/2012 PM] S: Well unless you could magically appear in my room to relieve me, I'm going to be too frustrated to sleep[1/20/2012 PM] J: I'm sorry :([1/20/2012 PM] S: Don't worry you can make it up to me later, I'll just go for another smoke and hit the sack[1/20/2012 PM] J: Keep track of all the times I owe you. Im more than virtual...[1/20/2012 PM] S: I've had to take my trousers down and I've got one hell of a hard on[1/20/2012 PM] S: it's oozing pre-cum[1/20/2012 PM] J: Tell me what you like.

[1/21/2012 PM] S: I can, we're one mind[1/21/2012 PM] S: all over the carpet[1/21/2012 PM] S: all over my hand[1/21/2012 PM] J: Hahaha!!Here at Local Sexting, our community of hot locals is growing every single day.Access to their snapchat, kik, skype and more are just a tap away. [1/20/2012 PM] S: said let's go[1/20/2012 PM] J: Ha! But the build up is a bit excruciating.[1/20/2012 PM] S: I know I don't know how I can take it, I'm like a dog on heat right now[1/20/2012 PM] J: If I was there, I'd know how to help... Talk me through it...[1/20/2012 PM] S: Well I'm virtually creaming my pants now[1/20/2012 PM] J: Mmmmm. [1/18/2012 PM] J: J has shared contact details with S.[1/20/2012 PM] J: So what would you have done if I had suggested going back to your room? I'm enjoying the unreserved peek I'm getting.[1/20/2012 PM] S: I don't know, probably being thrust into the tornado that is the company I work for and it's just brought out a different side of my personality, a repressed side that's now running free[1/20/2012 PM] J: Hahahahaha!! There's nothing better than a newly unrepressed soul running free... [1/20/2012 PM] S: and I ran straight into you : O)[1/20/2012 PM] J: God. You.[1/20/2012 PM] S: You making me smile Jennifer and drool at the same time[1/20/2012 PM] J: But seriously.. I'm REALLY looking forward to the big race now.[1/20/2012 PM] J: Well this date has gone swimmingly well... [1/20/2012 PM] S: With you smiling like the cat that got the cream ;o)[1/20/2012 PM] J: Yumm. [1/20/2012 PM] S: You won't be disappointed[1/20/2012 PM] J: I am sure i won't be...

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