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"To execute them all in the program is the hardest part, especially in the free skate." The team finished 19 at Nebelhorn and didn't earn an Olympic spot, but they haven't given up.

Prior to Nebelhorn and Nepela, they had trained with Doug Ladret, Tiffany Vise and Don Baldwin in Arizona.

It's my goal with every one of these pieces to take the audience on an emotional journey." Skating in School As well as coaching, Palascak is directing a SCOB program called Skating in the Schools.

"We're trying to build connections to the community in Boston," he said. We take them down to the Frog Pond, which SCOB manages, and I teach them how to skate.

She said that the hardest thing for Mansiz to learn was to use power and strength, to let edges and technique provide the power. It was a really amazing feeling." Ice Theatre stage door After the Ice Theatre of New York (ITNY) preview performance at the Skating Club of Boston (SCOB) on Oct.

They went to three Olympics and won six medals at the world championships, including a gold in 2003.

We got enough points in Bratislava (at Ondrej Nepela) in the short program to qualify for the Europeans, and that shows we were never joking.

Ilhan is very talented, and I always believed in him." Beständigová, who had skated pairs with her brother, Jozef, represented Slovakia at the 2002 Olympics and last competed in 2005. We had a lot of support from the people, coaches, skaters, everybody.

The former world champion from Chatham is paired with Anson Carter for the new season of Battle of the Blades. It was just a great event to be a part of.” The weekly competition begins with eight pairs, each consisting of a former pro hockey player and a figure skater.

Their first performance will be Sunday (8 p.m., CBC). Viewers can vote until Tuesday night for their favourite.

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