Sim girl dating guide legal age dating

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They must first become Boyfriend/Girlfriend, then the Propose option will appear under the Romance menu.

It's best to do this when both Sims are in a good mood and with a little extra Romance built up between them - about 60% - so that the Sim isn't rejected.

In order to get Married, Sims must first be Engaged.

To do this, you must build up 40% Friendship and Romance between the two Sims.

All in all, Weddings are a type of Party in The Sims 4, and you can be given Bronze, Silver, or Gold ranking dependent upon how many objectives you complete.

This Guide will walk you through the process of getting Sims Engaged, then give you some pointers on a successful Wedding.

I wanted good pictures of the ceremony for this guide, so I've featured the Blossom Wedding Venue by lindseyklusek and replaced Magnolia Blossom Park with it.

Each of the three segments represents a medal - fill the first to get a bronze, the second to get a silver, and fill all meters to get a gold for the Wedding.That way, you have plenty of time to enjoy the experience.This will make other objectives pop up, as 'Have guests watch the ceremony' is always an early objective.Planning and Starting the Wedding Before you begin the Wedding, know that cake is always on the list of things to have present.You can bake one beforehand and put it in the refrigerator to have one available at the time, without anyone needing to bake one.

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