Shannon magrane and colton dixon dating

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Many people have reported seeing status changes on their Facebook accounts but that’s just rumors as contestant do not update non-official websites or pages while they are on the show, Lauren or Scotty would not be updating their personal Facebook page unless it was a page created officially for American Idol season 10 and it would be a group/artist page which does not include a relationship status.

With all that being said many fans say that if they are not dating they need to be because they are so cute together.

Here’s what Iovine had to say about them: Joshua: “You don’t sing that song (“When a Man Loves a Women”) much better than that.

(CBS News) "American Idol" has enjoyed several brushes with criminality over the years.

The season 10 American Idol finalists kissed on the final result show when Scotty became the 10th American Idol but the question many fans were asking is are they a couple?

Even though you could not actually see it on television Lauren kissed Scotty on the lips when the winner was announced.

But De Andre Brackensick could just as easily have been in the bottom, in my opinion, since he was no hell on “Endless Love.”Luckily, Elise and Erika both got sent to safety and it was Shannon who had to sing for her life. Last week, Jessica had a big moment; this week it was Joshua’s turn. Maybe he’ll get an orange slice.” Jessica: “When Jessica performed you heard her scream. When she lost her breath she lost her rhythm and when she lost her rhythm the judges nailed her, and they were right. The musical guests included squeaky-voiced Demi Lovato and Season 5 alumnus Chris Daughtry, who didn’t suck.

Granted it may not be the most appropriate phrase to throw out left and right but maybe it’s just his way of showing that he is very loving and caring and it might simply be due to the way he was raised, not afraid to express his feelings.

As judge Jennifer Lopez said Thursday, “I don’t think it’s fair . Shannon I could see, as I was no fan of her Wednesday performance (she was also the pick of Voteforthe If she goes home we should all go home.” Erika: “There’s a trap on American Idol and it’s called oversinging, and Erika felt into it last night.” Iovine also defended what Jackson called the “catchy, jerky arrangement” on “Heaven,” saying, “Some singers in the past that have listened to my suggestions on catchy, jerky arrangements have done very well, Randy.”Thursday night’s filler (because they have to pad out that hour somehow) included a taped segment with Tommy Hilfiger, the new “image adviser” on Idol.

Mentor Jimmy Iovine, doing his usual results night summary, said Shannon pushed too hard on “One Sweet Day.”Erika didn’t get high marks either, having oversung, according to Iovine. I think Colton will end up in the middle of the pack. We heard about how Hilfiger developed what he called “this rock style cool brand” and “had everyone wearing stonewashed bell-bottom jeans in 1970” (oh, that was an accomplishment? Starting next week, he’ll be transforming the contestants from head to toe.

The American Idol top 12: clockwise from top right, Elise Testone, Heejun Han, Jessica Sanchez, Hollie Cavanagh, Skylar Laine, De Andre Brackensick, Erika Van Pelt, Jermaine Jones, Colton Dixon, Shannon Magrane, Joshua Ledet and Phillip Phillips. One hopes not, but the signs so far aren’t encouraging.

Elise was also among the bottom three girls last week. great performances should be rewarded.”Elise’s rendition of “Let’s Stay Together” was better than great and yet there she was on the stools of doom along with Shannon Magrane and Erika Van Pelt.

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