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You have the right to ask someone to leave if you believe they can’t or won’t be purchasing anything in your establishment, especially if they’ve left without paying before.But be careful: Don’t stereotype based on looks; public accommodation laws in most states, including California, prevent businesses from using a person’s race, sex, or even height and weight to turn them away for assuming they will not pay. Religious Reasons for Refusal Many small business owners have deep religious convictions which not only guide their spiritual lives but also how they run their businesses.Can’t imagine life without swing-away legrests (without sacrificing weight or performance)?If you answered yes to any of the above, then a folding ultralightweight wheelchair may be your best option.While this translates to plenty of options for you, it can also be confusing.However, we’ve come up with three primary categories to aid you in finding the right chair: Rigid, Folding and Titanium Rigid and Folding.Rigid wheelchairs, at least in terms of popularity, are the primary choice in ultralightweight wheelchairs.Featuring a rigid frame to eliminate additional hardware and mechanisms, such as those found in a folding frame, this lightens the weight and increases both response and performance.

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We feature lightweight chairs to get you back on the court, as well as handcycles and racers to help you zoom to victory.Here are three legal ways that you can turn a troublesome customer away. No Flip-Flops in Your Shop There are federal laws in place that protect a business owner’s right to keep your employees in closed-toe shoes.But refusing to serve barefoot customers may be the wrong step.Still, that hasn’t stopped some small business owners from testing that law, The Huffington Post reports. frame weight, Ultralightweight wheelchairs are custom built for you with performance in mind. Our Product Experts are standing by to assist you to configure your perfect Ultralight wheelchair.

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