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Proposal 2: Prospectively eliminate life without parole sentences for juveniles (JLWOP), granting parole review after 30 years.

Louisiana currently has approximately 300 people with juvenile life without parole sentences — one of the highest number per capita in the country.

Louisiana locks up more people per capita than anywhere else in the country — nearly double the national average.

It sends people to prison for drug, property, and other low-level offenses at an alarming clip.

For other individuals serving long, but not life, sentences, the Task Force recommends authorizing parole consideration after 20 years of their sentence is completed and after they have reached 45 years of age.

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Eight others have no one serving the sentence and seven states have under ten people serving JLWOP.You can print whichever letter is appropriate for your situation, give it to your principal, and ask that they please change their position on school dances.If your situation is not addressed by these letters, or you give these letters to officials at your school and they still insist on anti-LGBT policies, or if you just want to talk and get some advice before you do anything, please fill out our confidential help request form or contact us at (212) 549-2673.The Task Force unanimously recommended reducing punishments for FIP and establishing “tiering penalties” so that those with a minor, prior felony do not receive the same severe sentence as those with a more serious previous offense.These five proposals will not fix Louisiana’s excessively punitive justice system, but they are a necessary first step that will save taxpayers’ money and bring the state’s sentencing laws more in line with the rest of the country.

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