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If you’d rather handle the installation and monitoring on your own, consider one of these DIY home security systems.

And for more ideas about how you can protect your home yourself, check out our article with DIY home security tips.

This means you can set it up quickly, but it also means you can pack it up and move it to a new place without much trouble, which makes Simpli Safe an excellent option for renters.i Smart Alarm lets you control the system with your smartphone—this is one advantage of choosing i Smart Alarm over Simpli Safe, since Simpli Safe makes you sign up for a monthly plan if you want smartphone control.With easy access through your smartphone, you can keep an eye on your home from almost anywhere.Brianna is an experienced copywriter and editor who has written about home security, personal safety, insurance, and much more.She loves doing thorough research, finding objective ways to evaluate options, and sharing what she’s learned with others who are interested in new technology and home security.

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