Seventeen magazine dating articles

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The man holds a large wrench in one hand and a wine bottle in the other, and seems to pay no attention to the beautiful girl who is in the process of removing her clothes.

Behind them looms bold black letters reading “MARC ECKO”....

- Critical Evaluation of a Magazine Advertisement “Living in an age of advertisement, we are perpetually disillusioned.” ~J. Advertisements have a great effect on us and how we operate.

We are constantly being influenced and affected by advertisements and how we react to them.

[tags: Papers] - Women both young and old flip through the pages of a magazine and sometimes stumble across something that catches their eye.

Perhaps, what caught their eye was a make-up ad, possibly featuring a favorite celebrity, or even appeal to a woman's vanity.

Typically Seventeen magazine reaches towards teen females who are interested in beauty and relationships...."Celebrity impacts on so many aspects" (Pringle, 5), just like Halle Berry does in Revlon's advertisement promoting their new photoready eyeshadow.Halle Berry is undoubtedly an attractive woman who creates an "attractive persona" (Pringle, 67), which helps attract customers to pay attention to this product and its details....Advertisements attempt to control what we should wear, how we should look, what we should eat, what we should do, how we should think, and how we should smell.This magazine advertisement is very convincing of what type of perfume we should wear....

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