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Limited users can check for updates without needing Administrator privileges and, if an update is found, Windows UAC prompts the user for an administrator password only if the limited user doesn't have permission to the folder.

wy Update can check for updates even on limited user accounts on all Windows versions (Windows 2000 through Windows 10).

wy Build, wy Update, and the Automatic Updater control are all packed with features. It's a free 21-day trial and it's exceptionally easy to use.

wy Build, wy Update, & the Automatic Updater control are fully compatible with Windows 2000 through Windows 10 (including all Windows Server products).

However, creating complex charts in Microsoft Excel can be intimidating, so it’s easy to end up settling for simple charts which require a lot of work to maintain.

wy Update can work in either standalone mode or fully integrated automatic update mode.

Standalone-update mode is made for people who aren't using .

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