Sedating histamine dating the writing time

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If you are charged more, perhaps you should find a different pharmacy.Although betahistine does not closely resemble histamine (see above), in the body it is a histamine agonist. The rationale for its use is somewhat difficult to understand as H1 blocking antihistamines (such as meclizine) are also used quite commonly to treat vertigo.According to de Waele et al (1995), there are several lines of evidence that suggest that histamine receptors modulate the function of central vestibular neurons.One influence is via axons from the posterior hypothalamus.

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As of 2018, the "out of pocket" cost in the US is typically about /month.

Nevertheless, these studies may have been flawed and a review suggested that it is presently still unclear if betahistine has any effect in Meniere's disease (James and Burton, 2001).

Unfortunately, most of the studies of betahistine have major design failings -- such as omitting a control group, or comparing betahistine to a homeopathic preparation.

Smith reported that 94% of the ENT surgeons in the United Kingdom prescribe betahistine to their Meniere's patients (Smith et al, 2005) This drug (brand name Serc, chemical name betahistine), is advocated as a vestibular suppressant mainly for Meniere's disease.

Curiously, Serc was approved by the US FDA about 50 years ago for roughly 5 years, but later approval was withdrawn because lack of evidence for efficacy and because the major report of effectiveness contained deficiencies and misrepresentations (Sampson, 2003).

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