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SCRUFF is the top-rated* gay dating app thanks to rock-solid reliability, expressive profiles, powerful chat, album sharing, and a diverse community of more than 12 million gay, bi, trans, and queer guys worldwide.* SCRUFF is the top-rated gay dating and social networking app according to an independent 2016 analysis by APPLAUSE of how 1.5 million U. Consumers rate the 97 most popular dating apps with more than 10,000 App Store Reviews. GO BEYOND ‘SUP’: More ways to express yourself and break the ice. Reveal more by sharing and receiving private photo and video albums.

Chris also has a website where he offers his consulting services. Below is a screen shot reputedly of NXIVM member, Chris Pearson Smith’s “Scruff” profile. Please be wary if you are thinking of hooking up with Chris Pearson Smith.Scruff is an international mobile application for gay and bisexual men that runs on i OS, Android, and Apple Watch. While he may be looking for love in all the right places, on the other hand, his real goal may be to get you into a sex-slaver cult headed by a man who is now in federal prison awaiting trial because he was denied bail. Christopher The gal that helps Pearson Smith wake up and see himself is sex-slaver Allison Mack who is Smith’s coach in NXIVM.ORIGINAL REVIEW: I recently started getting random browser launches (accompanied by very loud sounds) and app-store hijacking while using Scruff, pushing "free i Phones" and games full of in-app purchases.I complained, and was told that their "ad partner" sometimes lets these things slip through, and that I should help them track these ads down. Instead of screening ads in-house, they're being cheap and trusting a third party (with a history of these kinds of lapses) to do it instead - exposing their users to, at best, obnoxious nuisances and, at worst, scams and malware...

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