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Dana Rohrabacher was charged with repeatedly engaging in sex with a 14-year old schoolboy and amassing a large amount of child pornography.

Jean and William Vahey, who may have been working for the CIA and its friends. John Grotberg was nominated by the GOP for a second term, he was diagnosed with terminal cancer and fell into a coma.It is now being reported that the House Page Board chairman John Shimkus (R-IL) actually enabled Foley to meet an underage pages for dinner dates after the House GOP leadership were aware of Foley's inappropriate communications with the teens." Our report continued: "The House GOP leadership that now stands accused of covering up the scandal includes the GOP members of the House Page Board, Representatives John Shimkus of Illinois and Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia; House Speaker Dennis Hastert; Majority Leader John Boehner; Majority Whip Roy Blunt; and National Republican Congressional Committee chairman Tom Reynolds, who reportedly received 0,000 from Foley campaign coffers after he was first informed of the allegations against the Florida Republican." Capito and Blunt have since been elected U. The alleged conspiracy, sourced to 'informed sources in Tallahassee' who were not named, was reported on the Wayne Madsen Report website.Madsen's website claims to tackle 'the 'politically incorrect' and 'politically embarrassing' stories and holds government officials accountable for their actions.'" Anonymous Madsen/Hastert, page 3 Bush, who is now a candidate for president, responded to a question from the St. is going to have to respond to every blog and every tired little anonymous person who has some bitter part in their soul who wants to express it on the Internet, it’s not going to work.'" Bush was referring to Crist who was running as the GOP candidate for governor of Florida.Hastert, without much scrutiny, emerged as the compromise candidate for Speaker, after the GOP deadlocked on Majority Leader Dick Armey (also the subject of various rumors after he called Barney Frank, "Barney Fag") and Majority Whip De Lay.Now Hastert is fending off allegations that he knew about the page problem with Mark Foley for 11 months and refrained from taking any action.

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