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Yes, on debugging through the code, I could see that the Row Validating event is indeed firing.However, the exact sequence of events is: User Action: The user adds a row by clicking on the Add button of the Binding Navigator, and then without typing anything in the new row, clicks the Add button again.Sequence of Events: (Here grid Districts is the Data Grid View, dt Districts is the Data Table) 1.binding Navigator Add New Item_Click event fires before the Row Validating event, so by the time the validation routine runs, a new row already gets added to the underlying datatable. Later on when the Row Validating event does fire, grid Districts.So I jump into my Cancel button's code and try to bypass validation.I play with , etc to no avail, and after a quick trace I see why none of it worked - the validation handler is making my code unreachable.My problem is that the Row Validating event seems to fire BEFORE my button's click handler is fired, and at all.I also don't see any way to discern from sender/Event Args that my button click triggered validation, so I'm not sure how to discriminate...

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One thing to take care of here is: if validation fails, then you need to notify binding Navigator Add New Item_Click to not call Add New method.

So how do I either a) get my button's code to fire before validation or b) determine that the validation was triggered by the button click and bypass it?

I have used a Data Grid View and a Binding Navigator in a form.

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