Romantic annaversary ideas for dating

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Not exactly a fairytale date, but definitely ideal for astronomy enthusiasts.

We’ve got quite a few parks and nature reserves for couples who love luxuriating in the great outdoors, but none quite so breathtaking as the Tree Top Walk that places you on eye-level with the towering trees in Mac Ritchie Reservoir.

It’s fun and boisterous, and there’ll never be a dull moment because you’ll be too busy knocking back beers and recalling everything you ever read on Wikipedia. We’re anything but, especially if you’re in-the-know about what to do and where to go.So we’ve taken the liberty of rounding up out-of-the-ordinary date ideas around town that have nothing to do with your usual dinner-and-movie or dinner-and-drinks combo.To show off your adventurous side, get up close to farm animals at Farmart Centre, glimpse a typical day in the life of a goat at Hay Dairies, head over to Jurong Frog Farm, tour the greenery of Bollywood Veggies, or take your date to Orto, the one-stop Yishun spot that offers everything from prawning and of escape rooms in the country, with all sorts of intriguing themes and mind-boggling puzzles for you to solve.It’s the kind of date where you have to rack your brains to decipher clues, which will inevitably have you working closely together with your date (and other strangers/couples).

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