Robert kardashian and angela simmons dating

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You know Angela wishes to keep her virginity until marriage. And as far as Rob Kardashian is concerned he is a hottie, in the right woman's hands he would be a great asset.Don't hate Wonderful youth at play,but I for one am glad the paps are catching two people I am interested in!I always thought Vanessa was more down to earth compare to Angela Kris Jenner is a big pimp to her children. and this is to whoever typed in the caption.(by the way ..I am African and i come from Ghana.know..a COUNTRY...

Rev worried about her business, he should be giving her advice telling her to stop trying keep up with the false Hollywood lifestyle. I am just making my point and you come here telling me not to bring Africa here.friend please!

Never thought Rob was cute and Something about Angie never sat with me.

I always thought that people praise her for being such a good role model, a suppose "virgin", etc. but she is acting sooo Hollywood like someone said. Even in Africa people wouldn't talk such Nonsense.. ...because shes white and her kids have dated or are dating black people..ignorance..

Maybe she is hiding because she is tired of the media making everything seem something when it's not. Why can't she do things with a male friend, without people thinking they're a couple?

I have a male best friend who I hang out with all the time, but he isn't my man.

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