Roaming profiles not updating server

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(I tried logging into the workstation as administrator to manually copy the profile, but in that scenario the "Copy To" button for the network user is greyed out.) All the servers involved are running Windows Server 2003 R2 or Windows Server 2003 Small Business Server SP2.

All of the workstations are running Windows XP SP3.

What will happen is they make cahnges on there desktop while in the office then go home and when they log back in in the morning it puts everything back.

They are not logging on to multiple machines just their own laptops.

This problem resurfaced when I was trying to recover bookmarks in Firefox (through a "json" file).

As a rule, these users only log onto their own workstation and have no real need for a roaming profile.

A folder for each user has been created under the "Profiles" folder.

Effective rights for each user has been checked on the destination folder - not a rights problem.

Discover why It may not be a permissions issues but a problem copying a file which is preventing the full sync of the profile at logoff. Often times temp files and app data files can cause roaming profile issues.

One thing I noticed that nobody else has mentioned is that you have flipped users to use "local profiles" to speed up logins.

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