Religious dating serivce

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However, corresponding with the Jerusalem Talmud, the Ra MBa M did hold that the number of tefillot ("prayers") and their times are not a Biblical command of Written law and that the forefathers did not institute such a Takkanah, rather it was a rabbinical command de-rabbanan ("from our Rabbis") based on a takkanah of the Anshei Knesset Ha Gedola ("The Men of the Great Assembly").

And Daniel, when he knew that a writ had been inscribed, came to his house, where there were open windows in his upper chamber, opposite Jerusalem, and three times a day he kneeled on his knees and prayed and offered thanks before his God just as he had done prior to this.

Prayer—as a "service of the heart"—is in principle a Torah-based commandment.

However, in general, today, Jewish men are obligated to conduct tefillah ("prayer") three times a day within specific time ranges (zmanim), while, according to some posekim ("Jewish legal authorities"), women are only required to engage in tefillah once a day, others say at least twice a day.

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