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To me there is two types of Rednecks, 1) the hard working, pick up driving, plays hard, strong outoorsy 2) the Rustic, yokel, inbred, backwards, nosepickin,banjo playing hillbillies looking for a cement pond to bathe in and has a pumpkin on the porch that has more teeth then their spouse.

And there is the southern belle, classy and eloquent .

I dont think there are two types of rednecks but I would say that your #1 would fit the description of Southerner's/Rednecks and your #2 describes Trailer Trash/Hillbillies... Anyone who has been on this site long enough to remember the OP's many other incarnations......

JMOKinda curious where I fall into this picture still. Trailer trash hillbillies, well we have a few of them up in my country too, well not the hillbilly part, I would suspect Coloradacwgrl you would fall under number 1 , because I doubt if you were number 2) you would 1) know how to read? and 3) since you haven't mentioned anything about skinning possums for living with your kin folks. Please post the links to the numerous threads, where the OP bashed everything Southern, and everything redneck.hmmmmm 1)I live in the south2)live in a mobile home in the country3)go muddin in the pickup or on the 4 wheeler4)love to go bass fishin5) am college educated6)clean up rather well I answered yes to more than two......that make me a redneck woman??

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. I consider Redneck women to be women who are able to do things on their own!!! The first thing I would LOVE to say is LEARN HOW TO SPELL!

I take it that Duckman_2 doesn't take too kindly to my theatrics of anti-Southernism, or owns a massive quantity of Southern Pride and John Deere apparel.

when they're cooked right, they have a smooth, creamy texture with a slight bit of gritiness to them... that would be the same as adding milk or cream to them...

And one of them is complaining bitterly about his coffee. That’s how he found Redneck Revolt, and how came to be standing on the gun range that day.

He was born in conservative Suffolk County to a clerical worker and industrial maintenance technician.

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