Radgrid sqldatasource not updating

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You need a full blown SQL server to get the profiler.I have created a Rad Controls Web Application for my experiments. NET AJAX suite, you will get project templates in Visual Studio, using which you can create a web application.Fig 1: Rad Controls Web Application Project Template Data Binding with Sql Data Source control: First experiment was placing a Rad Grid and bind it to Sql Data Source control. Then added a Sql Data Source control to the page and set its connection string and provided a select command.Here is the code snippet for grid and SQL data source control: Analyzing the queries: Now, before you run the application, lets get ready to trace the SQL queries that get executed. Start the express profiler – Set the server details, select the authentication mechanism and finally select the events you want to trace.

So this made me to delve little bit deeper into what exactly is happening in this scenario.Overview: This blog post is in response to one of the customer queries we received a couple of days back.One of our India customer called us up and said that they are seeing slowness in couple of pages where they are using Rad Grid.Now lets do the same experiment but with Entity Data Source.Data Binding with Entity Data Source: I will use the same data grid but instead of SQL Data Source I will use a Entity Data Source.

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