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NVIC has a long-standing public record of voicing opposition to flu vaccine mandates that lack flexible medical, religious and conscientious belief exemptions.In 2012, NVIC submitted written public comments to the National Vaccine Advisory Committee (NVAC) stating that the mandates “penalize those holding religious or conscientious belief objections to vaccinations.” NVIC stated, “It is unfair, irresponsible and unethical for employers to force health care workers to choose between their health, their deeply held spiritual or conscientious beliefs or their job.” In 2013, NVIC co-founder and President Barbara Loe Fisher wrote a referenced commentary about the aggressive movement toward unfair employer mandates and how several major labor unions, such as the American Nurses Association and Services Employees International Union (SEIU) Healthcare Employees Union, oppose such mandates.Have you looked at the NVIC Advocacy Portal lately? NVIC’s Director of Advocacy Dawn Richardson and Assistant Director of Advocacy, Cindy Loveland, have been tracking 91 bills—including companion bills that appear separately in the House and Senate—across 33 states!There is a flurry of activity across state legislatures regarding vaccines. Since the NVIC Advocacy Portal launched in 2010, the number of bills threatening the legal right to make informed, voluntary decisions about vaccination in America has been growing at an alarming rate.

SB 64 would require licensed child care facilities to develop and implement mandatory vaccine policies.

NVIC and many parents and health care professionals opposed AB499 and, when Governor Jerry Brown signed AB499 into law, NVIC issued a press release calling the act “a violation of parental informed consent.” In terms of government-operated vaccine tracking registries, some states, such as Texas, are attempting to remove informed consent rights from the intrusive electronic registries like in SB 40 and HB 772, while others, such as Idaho and North Dakota, are expanding childhood tracking systems to include adults.

According to Dawn, the challenge with reaching legislators is that they have been getting inaccurate and misleading information for so many years from medical trade groups, such as the American Academy of Pediatrics, and there needs to be a paradigm shift.

Additionally, there is an increasing number of harassment reports made by adult workers to NVIC’s Vaccine Freedom Wall describing how they are being threatened or fired from their jobs for declining vaccination.

Dawn and Cindy are working hard to help vaccine choice advocates warn the public that bills of this nature in Vermont, Texas, Connecticut and all the other states need to be opposed and legislators need to be educated.

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