Problems updating amd drivers

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— Reported Jon_Don_Juan on Reddit [...] In Edge, whenever I type to the search/address bar, it's slow.

At the ASUS forums, Superbowl warns users to be aware trying to upgrade using ASUS and Samsung hardware: Lots of people, including myself, are having big problems trying to update Windows 10 to the Fall Creators Update.

The program will expertly scan your computer and provide a list of all drivers that need an update.

The scan is completely free and there's also an option to update all device drivers in a single click.

I was able to download the Windows 10 Fall Creators update to my computer, however when I restart the computer to finish installing the update like it tells me to it doesn't update.

— Selereth on Reddit Alongside these problems, there have been reports across the internet complaining about the installation taking more than two hours, and in some cases more than 10 hours. I had to use Explorer to complete this question page.

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