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His friends told CBC that he first traveled to Peru in 2016 to learn about natural healing and plant remedies. His friend Yarrow Willard said that he’d return home from South America 'not broken, but troubled'.He wanted to be an apprentice with the plant healer and aspired to become an addiction counselor using hallucinogenic medicine.'The plant medicine I have the opportunity of learning is far deeper than ingesting a plant and being healed. It is true some of the plants I will be learning about do have a perception-altering effect, but these are a few plants out of thousands I will be working with,' he wrote on the Indiegogo crowd-funding website seeking financial help for his studies.Wij zijn gevestigd in Honduras, een mooi en nog gedeeltelijk onontdekt land in Midden Amerika, maar wij kunnen contacten verzorgen met vrouwen in heel Latijns Amerika.De dames uit Latijns Amerika zijn bijzonder vriendelijk, sympathiek, lief, trouw, aantrekkelijk, vrouwelijk, opgewekt, en warme persoonlijkheden.However his journey towards 'deeper meaning' took a dark turn when he allegedly shot Indigenous healer Olivia Arevalo Lomas, 81, dead.Arevalo, a member of the Shipibo-Konibo tribe in the village of Victoria Gracia in northeast Peru, was killed on Thursday by two fatal shots.

A cellphone video released by local press displays a man covered in blood believed to be Woodroffe begging for mercy as he was dragged by a rope around his neck between thatch-roofed homes.

The drug has also become trendy due in part to celebrities – including Lindsay Lohan and Penn Badgley - who have spoken of taking ayahuasca.

Musician Father John Misty references ayahuasca in his song ‘I’m writing a Novel’ and it’s also been featured in films, including 2012’s Wanderlust starring Jennifer Aniston.

A Canadian man studying hallucinogenic medicine in the Amazon rainforest has been killed by a Peruvian mob, who blame him for murdering a respected elderly shaman.

Sebastian Woodroffe, 41, traveled to Peru to study natural medicine and to seek enlightenment.

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