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"88 Guys for Coffee" will be published in June, 2016.June 2017 saw the release of Diane's fictional memoir, "88 Guys for Coffee," the tale of Laura's five-year online dating odyssey, as she searches for love, for her true partner in life.Diane Solomon was enjoying life in the UK as a well-known singer, songwriter and actress when the onslaught of CFS incapacitated her, and ended her career.

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I am an author, writer, homeopath, nutritionist, gardener and nature lover. About the book: Abandoned – no, dumped from her 7-year marriage, Laura's self-worth was in tatters. If you love Liane Moriarty, Sophie Kinsella, or Janet Evanovich, you will laugh and cry with Laura as she looks for love again.

Her father gave her a guitar for Christmas when she was 13, and she taught herself folk and country styles, and started to write songs.

At 19, believing her first talent was acting, she headed off to England, determined to study acting at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. Before she could arrange an interview, she was literally “discovered,” playing her guitar and singing to a small, private, New Year’s Eve party at a London hotel.

And, as a fully recovered CFS sufferer herself (a rare beast), she has a great deal of experience to share, plus enormous understanding and compassion for those suffering this scourge.

This book does not pretend to be the be-all or end-all book on CFS, with regard to research, orthodox treatment, etc.

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