Online dating first phone call questions

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The moment she picks up on the other end, your mind may go completely blank.

Give yourself a life raft by practicing some questions before you dial her number.

Ask her open ended questions that allow her to really get into the conversation.

Respond to the things she is saying and move the conversation back to her often. Try to end the call on a positive note and put the ball in her court. If not, there are plenty of fish still left in the sea.

I have had the experience more than once where a woman has asked to talk on the phone, we do, and then we end up having almost the identical conversation again in person.

Are you going to ace the first call or spiral down in flames?

I know this is the age of texting, but that’s exactly why an actual phone call will help you stand out.

Texting is impersonal – practically an afterthought. Have Some Questions in Mind Before Calling If you think you can wing it, good luck.

Now, the other issue, and one I’m not entirely pessimistic about, is the ability to gauge chemistry.

It is true that on occasion you can tell whether or not you’ll hit it off with someone in a very brief chat.

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