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After a week of guest-blogging on The Volokh Conspiracy, that's about the most charitable thing I can say about her.Over the past few years I've read much of what she has written and I always thought it boiled down to "sex makes babies so we shouldn't allow gay marriage" which of course makes that kind of sense that doesn't.We both have undergraduate degrees from ivy league schools (Dartmouth '99; Yale '82) in fields unrelated to social policy (Chemistry; probably English and since none of her biographies seem to indicate what it was, I'm guessing it has nothing to do with government or sociology).We both have published an equal number of peer-reviewed articles on marriage (zero; zero).She's married and I'm not, but I'm gay and she's not so as far as "gay marriage" is concerned I think we can call it a wash.

As she dives deeper into the world of fashion, True must balance the life of a ...

See full summary » I am a Critic for a Hollywood Magazine and I was forced to watch the show with my son who is 12 years old.

I had ZERO interest in watching a new show about boy bands but I must say I was completely blown away.

If the next generation grows up in a world where individual marriages are statistically less permanent, two people entering into one might also treat it as less permanent. But what exactly does the marriage of the gays down the street do to heterosexual marriage? If the gays down the street can get married without having children, what does that say about my marriage?

It's not exactly as if same-sex marriage would realistically make a straight person think that he could just as easily marry someone of the same sex. Well, according to Maggie, "marriage as a public act is clearly no longer related at all to generativity, and the government declares as well it has no further interest in whether children are connected to their own mom and dad." Really, Maggie? Husbands will continue to be responsible for the children of their wives, presumably their children.

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