Natural progression of dating

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Romantic love sells, and we can’t get enough of it.But media representations of these stories give a false sense of what a relationship should look like, and set us up for disappointment in real relationships. Realistic Love As a counselor, I hear the same story over and over, “Our relationship is not easy or fun anymore.” This is the beginning of the second stage of love relationships, which is realistic love.This help will involve learning about yourself and your partner at a fundamentally deeper level.

Sometimes one partner is doing all the work to keep the relationship together and ultimately this strategy results in feeling depleted and frustrated.There is a healthy way to transition through this stage of realistic love relationship and move to a more mutually safe and secure functioning.I encourage any couple that recognizes they are living with negative patterns of behavior to get help with their relationship.If you only believe in romantic love, your bubble will undoubtedly be burst in this stage.You will begin to feel cheated, or that you “settled” for a partner who is not the person you fell in love with.

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