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We had a chat tool before, but it required a live person for all interactions.

With the Drift Bot, they’re seeing more conversions, more blog subscribers, and their busy consultants don’t have to be available to respond to live chat at all times, only when a lead is pre-qualified by the bot.

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I love to study something new and have sensitive skin, so I will feel your touch even via chat.

One Thing To Improve: At the moment, the integration between Hub Spot and Drift isn’t as strong as Drift and Sales Force.

I would love for the conversations, including their contents, not just their levels of qualification (CQL) and user details to be shown as part of the contacts timeline.

Of course, some of those visitors do click deeper into your site — visiting pages like pricing, features and your blog — to learn more about your brand. But, if you want to deliver an excellent user experience, you should use chat to directly answer their questions on the page where they landed.

That way, they don’t need to dig through your website or fill out a form and wait for a response.

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