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He built a school and a row of latticed windowed cottages that look down on the mill. From Tideswell, walk down the main street and continue along the B6049, before crossing the road to an opening on the left to walk along a path under the trees that soon brings you to Tideswell Dale Car Park.8, Just before coming to a clearing in the wood, where a set of gate posts are to be seen, take the path to the left which leads to a long winding flight of steps which climb steeply up to the edge of the wood.12.At the top of the field, turn left onto a tarmac road and follow it along until it bends to the left, where you continue straight on across three narrow fields, keeping close to the wall on your right.

pm Tue 29 May 18 A CRIMINAL investigation has been launched after travellers ‘ransacked’ a brewery’s headquarters.

off the A623 close to Peak Forest village The herd of donkeys have their own distinctive colours and range in size from Highland donkeys to Sicilian Miniatures, which when fully grown are only three foot tall.

Turn off A623in Peak Forest village, towards Smalldale and Wormhill.

The walk continues through the tranquil beauties of Millers Dale to Cressbrook Mill.

William Newton, probably better known as the Minstrel of the Peak, was the manager of the mill and showed much greater compassion for his workers than at Litton.

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