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There is so much to do that these classes run for 1 hour.

At approximately 3 years of age, the brain has completed one of the most important stages of development, that of integration, without which, reading and writing become very difficult.

Did you know that to copy a letter from a whiteboard or smartboard, children need tactile and body awareness, good posture and balance, clear auditory perception, the ability to visualise, accurate vision, fine motor co-ordination, hand-eye coordination and temporal awareness?

Every activity in our School Readiness class ensures these skills are being practised.

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Loves stories • Speech can easily be understood by adults • Speaks in full sentences and loves conversation • Loves dramatic and make believe play • Loves games • Draws a full person with mature pencil grip (dynamic tripod grasp) • Brings thumb in opposition to each finger in turn, left and right • Rides a 2 wheel bike (some may still need training wheels) • Changes sides in cross lateral crocodile position smoothly and efficiently • Can follow complicated 3-4 part instructions • Can inhibit impulses This age lines up to do the equipment.

Apart from the important social skills being developed, the children are expected to tackle each piece of equipment how the teacher suggests.

This demands good listening and processing skills, challenging motor planning, and ensures each child makes the most of every piece of equipment.

Instead of jumping on the trampoline they may practise star jumps, sideways jumps, jumping over a rope or jumping and catching.

Task cards give guidance to carers on how best to challenge their child on each piece of equipment. The focus here is on activities that encourage thinking skills, laterality skills and directionality skills.

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