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Despite alarms and reminders and placing them in convenient places, I continue to SUCK at it. I can tell already that it'll work for about a month and as soon as it becomes routine it will get all screwed up.She really couldn't tell me WHY I should take the citalopram in the morning only.This is entirely dependent on your individual reaction.For me, neither was much of a factor with any of these things, and most ssris other than possibly Prozac tend to be sedating when they work well, but still, some will get these problems and some won't. Celexa came first, and when the patent ran out, they played with the structure, took some things out, and made Lexapro.Does anyone else take this combination, and when do you take yours?Wellbutrin generally should be taken in the morning if its XL, morning and afternoon if CR, and morning afternoon and early evening if IR.There are lots of med choices that your prescriber can discuss with you.

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I found Escitalopram caused eating, sleeping and horrendous stomach issues. Trazodone Amitryptaline Fluoxetine Setraline Duloxetine Agomelatine Venlafaxine. Yvonne def not Lexapro- getting off of that was pure torture, like electric shock treatment.

If you have issues with over sleeping the only answer I can give is use some discipline and just get up Thanks for your response.

Do you know if it is bad to be taking the two around the same time? As it is I am finding the Wellbutrin XL 300mg stimulating enough, and in order to combat the insomnia I have been setting an alarm for am and taking the Wellbutrin, then by the time it is time to get up it is having an effect and by the time night rolls around I can sleep.

Recently I have moved from 40mg of citalopram (Celexa) daily, taken at bedtime for approx.

8 years, to 20mg of citalopram 150mg bupropion (Wellbutrin), told by pharmacist to take the citalopram in the morning and the Wellbutrin at night with my birth control pill.

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