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Since they get invalidated so quickly, it seems to me the best thing would be to just use SQL_NO_CACHE on SELECT statements with these tables.Is the overhead of frequent invalidation ever worth it? The Query Cache will always butt heads with Inno DB.

This works because there's rarely anything relevant in the tiny query cache on those machines to invalidate (those queries are only relevant to infrequently updated tables). For the rest of the queries that the application does, they don't have to contend with Qcache since they go to boxes without it turned on.One more recommendation: upgrade to My SQL 5.5 so you can configure Inno DB for multiple CPU and multiple threads for read/write I/O.See my earlier posts on using My SQL 5.5 in conjunction with accessing multiple CPUs for Inno DB would be better.Unfortunately, mysql has no internal mechanism for defragmenting the query cache.If you must have the query cache and you have so much RAM, you could execute the following: That leaves 7G. Keep in mind that the key buffer caches only My ISAM index pages, while the Inno DB Buffer Pool caches data and indexes.

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