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Falsely declaring a lower mileage than you think you’ll do could result in an increase to your premium, affect your ability to claim or even invalidate your insurance.

Lots of people make the mistake of thinking that social use covers them for pretty much everything, including driving to work – unfortunately it doesn’t.

We appreciate there are some nights where you and your car will spend the night away from home and that’s fine, but if you’ve said your car will be kept at one address but it’s actually at a different postcode every night it could result in your insurance failing to cover your car.

Make sure you tell us honestly where your car will be the majority of the time and if this changes at anytime during the policy term you need to inform us.

Any Mini or BMW owners out there are probably well aware of the incredible number of optional extras available when you buy a new car.

If you decide to take your car for a spin on the Nürburgring, for example, your cover with Admiral would no longer be in place.

To help you stay fully insured and not risk losing out if you do get into an accident or need to make a claim, we’ve put together 11 things which could invalidate your insurance: Tempting though it may be to bend the truth around your occupation or how far you actually drive during the course of a year to lower your premium, any fibs you tell could result in your insurance policy being worthless.

Knowingly misrepresenting your insurance policy could result in your insurance policy being cancelled or worse, voided.

You need to make sure your car is kept in a roadworthy condition at all times and make sure all maintenance work is carried out as soon as is needed.Though another driver could use your car if they have the ‘driving other cars’ extension on their policy, this provides third party only cover.If someone who has the driving other cars extension drives your car and has an accident, we won’t be able to pay out for any damage to your car.Looking after your car also means driving sensibly – hand-brake turns and accelerating like Lewis Hamilton is not sensible driving and this sort of driving behaviour could see your policy cancelled.No matter how big or small you have to let us know about any incidents your car is involved in.

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